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Tiger's Eye Healing Rough Crystal

Tiger's Eye Healing Rough Crystal

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Introducing Tiger's Eye Healing Stones, renowned for their protective properties and healing benefits. Standout Feature:

Protective Energy: Known to ward off negative energy and promote confidence and inner strength. Product Features:

Natural Variation: Each stone is unique in size, shape, and color due to its natural formation. Healing Properties: Harness the reputed healing powers of Tiger's Eye for clearing negativity and enhancing self-confidence. Complete Set: Includes a cotton drawstring pouch and matching information card for easy storage and understanding. Specifications:

Dimensions: Size, shape, and color vary naturally. Includes cotton drawstring pouch. Materials: Tiger's Eye stone Usage Instructions:

Use Tiger's Eye stones for meditation, carry them for protection, or display them to benefit from their healing energies.

Enhance your spiritual journey with Tiger's Eye Healing Stones. Add them to your collection today!
Additional Information:

Explore our collection of crystal healing stones for more options. Perfect for spiritual enthusiasts and beginners alike.

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