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Confidence in a Matchbox

Confidence in a Matchbox

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Discover the empowering energy of our pocket-sized Jar of Confidence, filled with Tiger's Eye crystal chips. Known for their spiritual properties of enhancing strength and courage, these crystal chips are a perfect companion for those seeking motivation and a boost in confidence.

Key Features:

  • Tiger's Eye Crystal Chips: Known for their ability to grow strength and courage, these crystals help to ground and motivate you, bringing a touch of earthy energy to your endeavors.
  • Pocket-Sized Convenience: The compact size makes it easy to carry with you, allowing you to harness the power of Tiger's Eye crystals wherever you go.
  • Charming Presentation: Nestled in a matching matchbox, this lucky jar is a delightful and thoughtful gift, perfect for inspiring confidence and positivity.
  • Unique Gift: Ideal for anyone in need of a confidence boost or those who appreciate the spiritual benefits of crystals.


  • Materials: Tiger's Eye crystal chips, glass jar, matchbox
  • Size: Pocket-sized for easy portability

Boost your strength and courage with our Jar of Confidence. Whether for personal use or as a unique gift, this jar brings a touch of motivation and earthy energy to its owner’s life.

Shop now and let the empowering properties of Tiger's Eye crystal chips inspire confidence in every step you take.

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