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Dream Catcher - All Natural Large Brown

Dream Catcher - All Natural Large Brown

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Dream Catcher - All Natural Large Brown

Experience a unique touch of spirituality with our all-natural, feather-free, and vegan-friendly dream catcher, lovingly handcrafted on the spiritually blessed island of Bali.

Key Features:

  • Ancient Dream Filtering: Dreamcatchers are ancient tools believed to filter the spirits of the night. Good dreams pass through, while bad dreams get caught in the web and perish with the first light of dawn.
  • Bali's Spiritual Heritage: Made in Bali, a place deeply connected to the spirit world, locals enhance the dream catcher's power with their rich spiritual heritage.
  • Meticulous Craftsmanship: Each dream catcher is meticulously made from rattan, cotton, and wooden beads, with every piece carrying the blessings of the island.
  • Vegan-Friendly and Feather-Free: Embrace ethical living with our feather-free and vegan-friendly design.


  • Dimensions: 65x27x1 cm
  • Volume: 1.755L
  • Weight: 0.256Kg/L
  • Materials: Seagrass, cotton, wooden beads

Invite sweet dreams into your life with this beautifully crafted piece, made with love and spiritual care. Perfect for those who value conscious living and holistic wellness.

Shop now and enhance your space with the spiritual charm of our Handcrafted Vegan-Friendly Dream Catcher from Bali.

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