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Crystal Candle - Seven Chakras

Crystal Candle - Seven Chakras

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Experience the harmonious fusion of gemstones and fragrances with our Seven Chakras Candle. Designed to resonate with all seven chakras, this candle transcends mere illumination, offering a symphony of energy and balance.

Key Features:

  • Seven Chakras: Symbolizes balance, alignment, and energy flow throughout the body. Perfect for enhancing your spiritual practices and promoting overall well-being.
  • Moon Beams Fragrance: Infused with the ethereal scent of "Moon Beams," this candle invokes serenity and a deep connection to higher realms.
  • Gemstone Adornments: Adorned with seven different gemstones, each representing one of the seven chakras. These crystals promote balance and harmony and can be kept as cherished talismans long after the candle has burned.


  • Burn Time: 23 hours
  • Net Weight: 0.64 Kg per candle
  • Variant: Seven Chakras
  • Materials: Soy Wax, Fragrance, Glass

Why Choose Our Seven Chakras Candle?

  • Chakra Alignment: Light this candle to create an atmosphere of balance and alignment, helping to harmonize your energy centers.
  • Soothing Fragrance: The mystical "Moon Beams" scent soothes your senses and enhances your connection to higher realms.
  • Crystal Energy: The included seven gemstones resonate with and balance your entire chakra system, supporting overall energy flow and well-being.

Perfect for Spiritual Practices

Ideal for meditation, yoga, or creating a peaceful environment, our Seven Chakras Candle is an essential addition to your spiritual toolkit. Its blend of enchanting fragrance and powerful crystals makes it an ideal gift for anyone seeking balance and harmony.

Additional Information:

  • Care Instructions: Trim the wick to 1/4 inch before each burn to ensure a clean, even burn. Store gemstones in a safe place after the candle has burned.

Ignite Balance and Harmony

Click "Add to Cart" now and harmonize your chakras with our Seven Chakras Candle. Embrace the balance and serenity it brings to your spac

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